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Konka lighting achived 3 years every year 4 times sales increase target
Time:2017-1-10 9:33:12 From:Konkalighting
Since Konka lighting seperate own lighting busienss from Konka coporation on 2013,in the moment of company established,the target is each year this company has 4 times sales increase in next 4 years,after the first 3 years,Konka lighting achived this target so far.
Within 2016,Konka lighting has a successful year,the cooperation with Toshiba lighting busienss bring huge opprotunity for both companies.In 206,Konka lighting annul sale reached USD150 millions.
Koka lighting team has optimised prediction of this 4 years target, and next year,while finishing of the vertical integration and auto supply chain of both panel light and trunking light,the another 4 times sales increase is touchable.All team shows their strong confidence on that.
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