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Konka lighting & Toshiba lighting signed the strategic alliance
Time:2016-2-29 8:40:48 From:Konkalighting

Konka lighting & Toshiba lighting, the strategic alliance established bring Konka lighting great leap of growth

on 21st Dec 2015,Konka lighting and Toshiba lighting formaly established the strategic allaince relationship. The related acquirsation will bring Konka lighting enter ' $150 million" annul sales club in lighting industry.

Toshiba lighting, TLT(TOSHIBA Lighting & Technology) is the first light manufacture in Japan under Toshiba group with 125 years history,the annul sale is over $2 billion.Under this acuquirsation action,Toshiba lighting transfered its China manufacture facilities and people to Konka lighting and grant Konak lighting use Toshiba brand in China mainland and Hong Kong.

The signature ceremony

Konka lighting is under Konka group which established in 1980, be the leading consumer electronic products corporation in China,Konka group has amition to be the leading manufacture of lighting as well. Thus Konka lighting established in 2013, within 3 years, it has dramaticaly grow and expand in Europe and North American market. Especially in 2015, Konka lighting started stratetic partnership with famous Europe lighting Brand Ledgroup( Robus), before Toshiba lighting action,Konka lighting already have international busienss over 20 countries within less than 3 years time.

But this time,after this acquirsation action, in Japan and China mainland & HongKong, the new busienss will immediately take Konka lighting enter $150 million annual sale's position, it is an important milestone of Konka lighting's history. The plan of takeover process will start from 1st of Apr 2016,Konka lighting plan to use half years time to take over all the facilities and people transfered from Toshiba and based on current business create the real competitiveness of manufacturing, product, people and busienss know-how.

And also, with the ambition of leading lighting manufacture in China,Konka lighting will not stop by this successful action,it definately will have upocoming actions to hold the leading position in this industry.

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