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Konka upgrade of products to get the real market needs
Time:2015-12-16 11:11:37 From:Konkalighting
China low cost products must die, the new direction is upgrade of products to get the real market needs
According to the market research, out of 20000 lighting factories in the beginning of 2015 already have about 4000 factories cannot survive in the end of 2015.It apparently, stick on low end light source product and price ar is the way to die soon.
Based on this understanding, Konka have to invested on R&D continuously and launch more and more upgrade products to distinguish ourselves with normal China factories.
Recently the new launched liner track light, tri-proof light, canopy light and wall pack is the key products for 2016.Konka willing to work with overseas partners to close to the real market demand to change the idea made in China must be low end price war products.

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