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Konka complete LED road lighting project in Xinpu new area of Zunyi City
Time:2015-1-13 15:10:57 From:Konkalighting
Recently, the LED road lighting project in Xinpu new area of Zunyi City completed and put into use.
The Xinpu new area is located in the east of the city, 10 km from the city center. There are four main roads using Konka LED street and tunnel light which is Line1, Line2, Line6 and Fast-line. Line1 install 265 sets of LED luminaries, Line2 install 194 sets of LED luminaries, Line6 install 1,417 set of LED luminaries, Fast-line install 3,968 set of LED luminaries.

LED street and tunnel lighting using CREE lamp which luminous efficiency of 140lm/w, adopts modular design, aluminum shell, protection class IP65. Luminaries’ life of up to 50,000 hours, less than the 8% decline in 10,000 hours, less than the 30% decline in 50,000 hours.
The project also applied Konka intelligent control system, can realize remote control, adjusting LED lamp brightness, switch time, when the communication interrupt, lighting rate appears too low, not on time switch occurs, the system will receive real-time alarm.
Compared with the traditional luminaries, the use of Konka LED luminaries can save electricity about 2,304,821 KWH for Zunyi every year.
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