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Konka new products debut in Guangzhou International Lighting Fair
Time:2014-6-17 15:54:52 From:Konkalighting
On June 9, 2014 -12, the nineteenth Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition held in Guangzhou China, There are more than 2000 enterprises participated in the exhibition. Konka lighting show LED commercial lighting,industrial lighting, public lighting products.
icolor series LED T8 tubes
Konka icolor series LED tube has four kinds of appearance. The plastic housing built-in aluminum manner in the structure, not only ensure the safety and good heat dissipation, design of rotating plug to make the tube more convenient installation. LED tube are also adding red, silver, blue three color ring, respectively corresponding to warm white, white, cool white; icolor LED tubes using high-quality light source, light efficiency up to 120LM/W, life of 50000 hours or more, greatly save energy expenditure. Applied to the office, school, hospital, shopping malls,parking and other lighting places.
Sturdy series LED Tri-proof light
Konka LED Tri-proof light appearance is very beautiful. The structure has two color PC extrusion, efficient PC transmission cover and stainless steel frame, solid and reliable. High quality LED light source, good color rendering, so that the visual environment is very comfortable. In the same illumination effect, energy saving up to 50%, greatly save energy expenditure. Applied to workshop, parking lot, food processing plants and other lighting places.
Sky series LED street light
Konka Sky series LED street light design simple, in the structure configuration angle adjustable device, modular design,installation and maintenance more convenient, and the use of waterproof and dust proof device, the protection grade reaches IP65. The module using CREE/PHILIPS LED light source, light efficiency is as high as 120LM/W, the color rendering index greater than 70. The product also using international famous brand drive, is also equipped with a lightning protection device, stable performance. 100W Sky series LED street light reached 12000LM, is the best choice to replace the 250W high pressure sodium lamp. Applied to City Road, residential area road lighting and other places.
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