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Konka and A&A Optoelectronics continue the distributor relationship in Canada
Time:2014-2-8 11:15:58 From:Konkalighting

Konka and A&A Optoelectronics in Canada will be continuing their distribution relationship in Canada, after establishing a good business relationship last year. In 2014, A&A will launch new series of products from Konka to continue their leading position in Canada.

It has been estimated that if 90% of commercial buildings and offices in US and Canada switched to LED Daylight Lamp that over 100 existing power plants could be closed.

A&A was founded to bring revolutionary LED technology to the marketplace. The company’s prime focus is to replace current fluorescent T8/12 with highly efficient and green LED Daylight Lamp. Fluorescent T8/12 are mainly used in North America. A & A Optoelectronics’ customers include ABB, LG, Panasonic, etc.

Konka Group entered LED lighting industry in 2009, through scientific design, manufacture environmentally friendly, efficient, comfortable, safe lighting products, providing people more comfortable lighting environment.


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