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Konka Xseries T8 tube will be listed in 2014
Time:2013-12-30 13:40:51 From:Konkalighting

Konka through in-depth study of the different regional markets in North America, Europe, and the domestic lighting market demand, develop a color series T8 tube, the product will be listed at the beginning of 2014.

All plastic shell of LED pipe is the widely used "half plastic half aluminum tube" structure of an innovation. All plastic tube assembly process is simple, the production efficiency greatly enhance; plastic shell to make non isolated power supply scheme possible, reduce product cost and ensure the safe use; plastic pipe compared "half plastic aluminum semi" pipe to reduce the use of aluminum profiles, further saving product cost.

Konka Xseries T8 tube with the appearance design, innovative elegant chic; red, silver, blue correspond to distinguish between three kinds of color, easy to identify; plastic structure, safe and reliable; high performance LED light source, high luminous efficiency up to 120LM/W; 5-6% low THD levels, current harmonic distortion is far less than 15%; 40000 hours long service life; humanized design, by rotating the plug, easy to install; compared with the glass tube, not easily broken, transportation safety.

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